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The room of Katsu's

Welcome to the room of Katsu's.

Before talking about the contents, please let me introduce myself.

Call me Katsu-san please, which is my nickname.
(-san is not a part of my name but it is a title, like as Mr. or Miss or Mrs. in Japanese. Please notice, we Japanese use this word when calling to everybody, to the President, to your family, or even to your most favourite friend, men or women.)

I had been working at a Japanese hi-fi maker as a research engineer, and my major was 'digital signal processing'.
However, I had never designed an audio amplifier for my job, so some of contents here I wrote my amplifiers are just my hobby as an amateur designer. (Probably still my skill would be different from the craft of typical amateur's.)

I am of the opinion that too many amateur audio craftsmen have an inclination to believe pseudo technology, which looks like technology but is not.
For example, such an amateur craftsman said that Western Electric tubes are always superior to others for listening, even if electrical characteristics were inferior, like as that.

I deny such stupid ideas, just because I believe the most important thing is the scientific idea, for the progress of technology.
From my point of view, such ideas were come from ignorance and misunderstandings.

To clear up those misunderstandings, I wrote about basic theory and physics in some pages.

Additionally, we can find quite many books written by 'Pseudo Scientists' in Japan.
(Those guys may not be only in Japan, but everywhere. I know million seller stupid books like as "Finger prints of the God", "The bible code", and quite many people seem to believe them! ;)
There are so many funny logic and theories, they look like the science, but of cause not.

Here, I did not talk about details of their faults, but just laughing.
Because, they will not change their mind even if I explain them. They believe their own ideas heartily, like as they are taught directly by God!

 There are three different part of contents in my home page, 1. Hand-made audio amp, 2. Science fiction, and 3. Museums in Europe.

Some pages are written in English, but I am very sorry that almost all contents are written in Japanese, so please find abstracts and some circuit diagrams below if Japanese only page.
English pages are marked as you can find.

This guy is Katsu

1. Hand made audio amplifiers and its theories.

     The mind of Science - Main theme of this HP -

     1) My basic ideas of hi-fi Audio

     2) The most simple Head amplifier for MC cartridge with battery power supply.

 * Circuit.  Please back by the button of browser.
     3) Control amplifier with MC head amplifier and with CR network of RIAA equalizer.
 * Block diagram  * Calculation of CR network  * Circuit of amplifier
 * Circuit of Power supply  * Table of parts
     3) Solid-state Power amplifier of class AB (20W stereo).
 * Amplifier circuit diagram   * Power supply
     4) Tube power amplifier
i) 6BM8 Single Ended Amp. with Super Triode Connection.
Super Triode Connection was invented by Mr. Kamijyo. His HP is here.

* Power supply   * Circuit-1   * Circuit-2   * Ideal-circuit

ii) 2A3 Double Ended Push-Pull with Super Triode Connection MX -Class AB1- English page.
This STC-MX is my original principle.
* Easier to make

iii)  Super Triode Connection FX 7044 CSPP -class AB1-  English page.

vi)  Double balanced differential feed back EL34 parallel PP English page!

     5) Softwares

     6) Electronic Parts

     7) Audio gallery

i) Amplifiers

ii) other items

     8) Theories and mathematics.
i)   The method of hearing test.
ii)  Fourie transform and Laplace transform.
iii) Frequency response calculation.
iv)  Fast Fourie Transform.(FFT)
v)   Distortions.
vi)  NFB
vii) SI unit   English page! .

     9) The analysis of Tube circuits

i)   Basic ideas
ii)  SRPP circuit
iii) The legend of tube, of which distortion is lower than transistor?
iv)  Cross shunt push-pull circuit
v)   Super Triode Connection Ver.1  English page!
vi)  The possibility of push-pull circuit of Super Triode Connection
vii) Damping factor

     10) Wide range two way Speaker system  English page!

     11) Next generation Audio

i)   Digital systems -basics-
ii)  Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
iii) DAB and Relativity.

     12) Physics

i)   A low of entropy
ii)  Principle of special relativity -basics-
    * Some examples practical -Car navigation system does not work without the relativity-
    * Doppler frequency shift of the light
    * Paradox of twin's
    * Speed addition

iii)  Physics, Technology and Novel prise
iv)  Useless lectures at Japanese University
v)   Quantum teleportation

2. Science Fiction
 1) SF and literature.

 2) My recommendable SF

 3) Pseudo science and ESP

 4) Social science

 5) Hack the 'To-gakkai'

 6) The method of pseudo science.

3. Museums in Europe.
 1) Great Britain. #1, #2

 2) Meals in UK.

 3) Munich. #1, #2

 4) Delicious food in Munich

 5) Ulm

I have all rights for all these pages and designed amplifiers.
Please notice, there are some patents in my amplifier design, but of cause there is no need to be agreed with me if you make an amplifier for yourself. However, if you want to make some products with using my patents, you have to ask me about it.

Criticizes are welcome.

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