Part list

I do not think that someone will make this strange amplifier, but I also believed that STC-MX also never would have been tried, but some guys tried.
So, here I makes a part list for such strange guys ;)

Power supply
Part Name No in schematics maker / type amount unit price
power trans T1 Noguchi PMC500-M 1 Yen 20,790
choke L1,L2 Noguchi PMC-0350H 2 Yen 4,725
Bridged Diode D7 Shindengen S10VB60 1 Yen 500
Rectifying Diode D1-D4 Origin SM-1XF20 4 Yen 100 for 5
Electric Cap C1,2 JJ 2*100u/500V 2 Yen1500
Other caps C3-C11 many kinds ;) 9 --
Cermet Trimmer Potentiometers VR1-VR9 copal 2kΩ 9 Yen 20
Resistor R1-R27 1/2W except for R16 27 Yen 20 - 40
Power Tr Tr1,4,5 Hitachi 2SD669A 3 Yen 150
small Tr Tr2,3,6,7 Hitachi 2SD756A 4 Yen 80
Power Switch SW1 Nikkai 20A 1 Yen 350
AC plug and cable -- -- 1 Yen 100
Fuse F1 5A 1 Yen 40
Fuse holder -- -- 1 Yen 100

Amplifier circuit
Part Name No in schematics maker / type amount unit price
Valve V1 Philips 6922 2 Yen 1000
Valve V2,3 GE 6350 4 Yen 900
Valve V4-V7 Svetlana EL34 4 matched pair Yen 4000/@pair
Output trans T1 Amplimo XC432 2 Yen 11000
CRD D1-D4 Semitec Ishizuka E452 8 Yen 60
Tr Q1,2 NEC 2SC3632 4 Yen 60
Di D5,6 1N4007 4 Yen 20
Electric Cap C14 100uF/500V 2 Yen 500
Electric Cap C6 120uF/450V 2 Yen 500
Electric Cap C4,C15 100uF/400V 4 Yen 200
Mica Cap C3,5,16 39pF,100pF 6 Yen 150
PP Fils caps C1,2,C7-C12 many kinds ;) 16 Yen 50-400
Resistors -- Metal film 74 Yen 20-40
Ultra-Precision Resistor R7,8 680Ω,7.5kΩ 4 Yen 500
Pin jack PJ1 -- 2 Yen 100
Speaker terminal -- -- 4 Yen 180
Chassis -- Noguchi S-500 1 Yen 4000
Back lid -- Noguchi 1 Forget it!
Etc -- legs, wires, etc -- --

I paid import duty and carriage except for above price.
Please check by yourself if you want to buy.

I have employed Metal thin-film Ultra-Precision resistor for feed-back resistors, but it is not required in truth ;)

I have used different capacitors or resistors for Left and Right channels in some place, as I am not care of such a thing, but I have had those resistors that I had bought in old days, so I used them, that is all.

Mica capacitor is not dipped or molded one, but cheapest wax filled type.

The price of Svetlana EL34 comes up recently.
Please notice, we can find the fake Svetlana (although it is not "fake" in law at USA) but the Svetlana is well known as very high reliability, so I think we had better buy the real one.

This fake is made in Russia, but we can see very similar marked Chinese one.
Honestly speaking, I cannot buy Chinise pentode or beam tube

Please find here for their difference and explanation (written in Germany).

6922 can be replaced by 6DJ8 of cause, and 6350 is the same as 6463.
Please be care that 6350 (or 6463) has different pinout from ordinary twin triode.

It was almost a hundred thousand yen for all.
It is quite cheap as 100W+100W tube amp, isn't it?

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