Super Triode Connection VX
-The equivalent circuit and its analysis-

Herewith please find the circuit diagramme of modified STC-VX.

Fig. 1

Readily we can know its equivalent circuit of this circuit topology, like as shown below.

Fig. 2

From fig.2, the output voltage is

Here, Vp2 in figure 2 is R1·i, and the current flow of rp is i, so


From the eq.(3), the eq.(1) can be written


Here, generally speaking,


Therefore the value "1" may be neglectable in the blancket of eq.(4),


The result of this analysis is almost same as Kamijyo-san's STC-VX (modified) if β=μ2, which means that the μ2 is the feed back triode amplification factor.
(I had ignored "1" ;)

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